Plan software better

You deserve better ways to plan software

Project Page provides better project and work planning for tech companies building software, with an easy to use issues list which automatically updates a timeline of work and a transparent public roadmap for your project. You can also have an honest status page for your project reflects real uptime.

About the Founder

Hi 👋I'm Kenny, a software engineer working in London, and founder of Project Page. You can find me on twitter or github @kennygrant I've worked as a software engineer for 10 years for tech companies in London, and am currently working as team lead for a small software team developing booking software for campsites. Project Page is a side project I'm passionate about because I spend a lot of time in issues list as a developer but am not happy with the current state of tools for this - the issues lists of github, Jira and Bitbucket. Project Page is about allowing you to easily plan work for your team and interact with other team members submitting bugs/ideas without the tools getting in the way.


If you have any ideas on how project page could be better, or what you'd like to see in a project management tool, you can contact the founder by email at kenny at or use the chat box bottom left.

Why Project Page?

You need to spend less time in your Issue Tracker, and more time building your product, and project page is designed to get out of the way and let you focus on the task at hand, rather than wrangling issues and closing tickets. It lets you solicit ideas from customers (via email or via a project-focussed community coming soon), and also from team members with minimum fuss, ensuring you get structured information which actually helps you reproduce and fix bugs, and helps you define the scope of feature suggestions.

Triage - an inbox for your issues

Plan your software with an issues list with custom views, tagging, and fast search, impact vs difficulty, which automatically schedules your work on a timeline and places it on a public roadmap - designed for developers by developers.

Roadmap - a public roadmap tied to your issues list

Roadmap offers a public roadmap tied to your issues list, so that you don't have to update it separately or worry about it becoming out of date. No more wrestling with trello boards when you could be building your product.

Community - a place to talk to your customers

Community (coming soon) will offer you a place to take ideas from customers and turn them into items on your todo list. It will also let you talk directly with your customers about the problems that matter to them, and engage with them while you build a community.

Status Page - an honest status page for your project

Come clean with your customers about downtime, and you might find they trust you more. Our status page lets customers check your status (current and historical), and gives you space to communicate about outages with customers as they happen. It also provides alerts to your team when an outage begins.