Plan software better

Show customers your plans

Priorities change, and your customers should know that - automatically update your product roadmap with your plans for the product, taken directly from your issues list so that your roadmap is never out of date

Easily show what you're working on and your future plans, imported from your issues list.

No need to keep several lists up to date or maintain a separate trello board for your roadmap, just tag your issues Roadmap to see them here.

  • Highlight features - choose what to make public with a simple tag
  • Keep some stuff private - discussion on issues and uploaded files remain private
  • Automatically updated - issues move to done as they are closed

Just set certain issues as public roadmap issues and the title and description will be used as entries in your product roadmap, and automatically shift as your issues are closed or reassigned. So your roadmap will always be in sync with your development plans and you can choose what to make public.