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An honest status page

Status history and alerts for your team and reassurance for your customers that you won't hide behind a vague status page, even if things are broken

Be honest about downtime

Status Page offers a public face for your company when things go wrong, and incident reporting for team members. It shows you uptime over 30 days, and any outages in a neat day-by-day format which lets you click on days to see more detail on any incidents on that day, and it takes just minutes to set up.

Status Page Pricing

The status page is free for 1 team member and service (larger teams are charged $5 per team member), Customers are always free, no matter how many you have.

A responsive design

The Status Page provided by Project Page was heavily influenced by the stripe status page, but attempts to add a little more information to give users context about errors. Days are broken down to show events within them at the appropriate hour (with the length of the event indicated by the width of the card). You can find our status page over here, and sign up below to get a free hosted status page of your own.

The Project Page Status Page

The Project Page Status Page

See how it compares

See how this status page stacks up against or, also, read my praise for the stripe status page, which has been a source of inspiration for the status page above.

See it in action

VIEW OUR LIVE STATUS SIGN UP or view the video below.